The Acorn Hill Needlebook by Kathy Andrews, Year 2 design

The inspiration for The Acorn Hill Needlebook comes from the woods behind my family home. Our home was built in 1954 by my paternal grandparents and designed by my grandmother’s brother and father. It is truly a family home! Our home sits on 2.5 acres of oak woodland and the views from our living room give the impression of being in the trees. Naturally, squirrels love all the acorns and spend the entire year either eating or collecting them. My mother gave our home the name “Acorn Hill” when she ran a B&B years ago. She was always so supportive of all my creative endeavors, and showed her friend photos of everything I embroidered. This little needlebook in in remembrance of all the family who has lived and gathered here over the last almost 70 years.