Pond Side by Dolores Andrew

Pond Side is another design that grew out of inspiration from another source. It kicked around in my studio for ages, maybe a couple of years, growing dust! It was about half-finished, with a lot of possible material nearby, but I couldn’t decide what to do with it.

I think that the sky was in watercolor and the distant area next was of some thin fabric. Somewhere I had acquired the mesh, and I wanted to play with it to see what could develop. The tree and rocks resulted, obviously remembered from some I had seen somewhere, sometime. One part, the pond, I’m particularly pleased with. I had painted it with light blue, but it didn’t really look ”right”. Months later, I found the lovely, shimmering hunk of whatever, just the right size, and it worked! This is one of my smallest designs in a while, but it was huge to me.