Monday Morning Breezes by Dolores Andrew

Many years ago, I did a small watercolor of my neighborhood, where I lived in upstate New York. Later, in college, I developed it into a larger watercolor. Still later I reduced it for a miniature version. I like the theme of laundry drying on a line.

Lastly, I have further developed this composition into “Monday Morning Breezes”, a collage, which was even more fun to play with.

For example, the distant sky is colored pencil, and the hills are tissue paper. The distant buildings are pieces of wallpaper and masking tape. The main house has a corduroy roof, with sides of burlap, and a red felt chimney. The fence is a piece of linen, as is the road. Nearby foliage is various fabrics. The “laundry” was created with tiny snippets of fabric. It is all tied together with a lot of embroidery stitches, and some wrinkled paper in the foreground.

This was a lot of fun to design, and with this work, I have branched out into trying collage more often.